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I am so excited to finally reveal our new look. Daisy Molly and Me was launched four years ago and through this time we feel we have taken the cake studio in a different direction and the previous look no longer reflected our style.

Designing a new brand, from logo to new fonts and colour palette is incredibly difficult, especially if you’re as indecisive as I am! Unlike when I am designing a spectacular wedding cake I find designing for myself incredibly hard – something to do with being a perfectionist perhaps. However, I am very proud of my new branding and hope you like it as well.

So, I have spent many months thinking about my new look. It was important for me to create a strong visual brand that would last a few years. I initially needed to decide on the couples I wanted to work with and who would love the edible art I wanted to create for them. It certainly wasn’t going to be vintage or too pretty pastel. I wanted to work with couples who are confident about their sense of style and are looking for a different approach.
The words I chose to describe my new brand were modern, unique, timeless and I immediately thought of Audrey Hepburn. She seems to epitomize those key words and embody a strong sense of her own personal style. I love grey. It somehow manages to change colour from cool steel to warm lilac undertones. It’s a confident, elegant colour. I decided on two shades of grey – charcoal and light grey and then paired this with lilac grey which I feel compliments the grey without dominating; feminine but not girly.

Of course, I used Pinterest to curate images that inspired me and from there created a moodboard. I was ready to take my moodboard and ideas to the same designers that created my first website – Leap in St Austell. They had done a wonderful job 4 years ago and I knew they would work their magic again.

I’m absolutely delighted with the new look and I hope you love it as much as I do – the future is so exciting!